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Personal Training is the number one way to see the results you really want!

We have two training options, Small Group PT and 1:1 PT. Both have their huge benefits and you can find out more below.


Small Group
Personal Training

Small Group personal Training (SGPT) is ideal for anyone that is looking to increase their overall strength and fitness. 

With a well balanced program of targeted strength training and conditioning, we have all bases covered creating a 360 degree level of fitness.

With a maximum of just 4 people in each session, know one gets forgotten about or left in the corner not knowing what to do. You will receive the same level of attention and coaching as you would with 1:1 PT.

You also have the added bonus of being a part of a group of like minded and motivated people that are all working towards the same thing, bettering themselves each time they step into the studio.


1:1 Personal Training 

1:1 PT is specialised! It's time dedicated to you alone to work on more specific goals.

You may want to increase a certain aspect of your fitness to help compete better in a sport, or you might be coming back from an injury with more specific needs. If this is the case then would be a suitable option for you.

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